Code of Ethics & Conduct Form

Code of Ethics Form

As we reflect on the rich heritage of military working dog history, many heroic actions - both celebrated and unknown forge the foundation of our organization. From the rocky outcroppings of Iwo Jima, the jungles of Vietnam, the deserts of the Mideast, to battles worldwide, dog teams fought and many died. To these men, women, and dogs, we owe a debt of gratitude. Because of that sacrifice, volunteers of Military Working Dog Heritage Museum and Handler Center vow to continue to protect and cherish that legacy.

All volunteers will be required to sign our Code of Conduct that revolves around our core values of: Heritage protection, Trust, Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Operational Security, and Responsibility.

We encourage you to use our Code to guide your actions and always strive to do the right thing.

The Military Working Dog Heritage Museum and Handling Center (MWDHM) requires all MWDHM Volunteers to read and sign the Code of Ethics and Conduct before they take part in any MWDHM events or activities.

The MWDHM Code of Ethics and Conduct reflects the values and ethics of the MWDHM and its Board. The MWDHM expects all MWDHM Volunteers to follow this Code when representing the MWDHM during activities or events. This Code of Ethics and Con-
duct does not cover every situation, but the MWDHM expects its Volunteers to use good judgement in these situations, or to refer the matter to a MWDHM Board Member.

The MWDHM values its Volunteers and their contributions to the MWDHM mission, recognizing the various strengths and talents each Volunteer brings. The MWDHM expects its Volunteers to act with integrity and propriety and foster a respectful and positive attitude with their fellow Volunteers.

The MWDHM expects its Volunteers to respect the privacy of other Volunteers, and of the MWDHM Board Members, MWDHM Donors and Supporters, MWD Handlers, Veterans, and any other persons the Volunteer may interact with in the course of their participa-
tion in MWDHM events and activities. Any personal or other information about these persons or entities, that the Volunteer may have knowledge of, is to be treated as confidential. This includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical and other addresses, or any other identifying information. If in doubt, consult a MWDHM Board Member.

MWDHM Volunteers are unpaid; the MWDHM expects its Volunteers to neither give, nor receive, gifts, offers, or items of value related to their Volunteer work while engaged in MWDHM events or activities, unless otherwise directed by a MWDHM Board Member. This prohibition includes not accepting payments for expenses related to a MWDHM event or activity; or charging or accepting fees or items of value for their participation in such an event or activity. If in doubt, consult a MWDHM Board Member.

The MWDHM expects that its Volunteers will avoid any activity or circumstance that could have the appearance of, or involve, a conflict of interest. Any personal activity, membership, investment, familial relationship, or association with another organization that could involve a conflict of interest should be disclosed. Please maintain a distinct division between organizations: please do not share other organizational proprietary information with MWDHM and please do not share any MWDHM proprietary information with other organizations. MWDHM Volunteers shall not accept business from, nor seek to profit from contacts made through the MWDHM. If in doubt, discuss the circumstances with a MWDHM Board Member.

The MWDHM has designated individuals to serve as official MWDHM spokespeople. Unless authorized to do so by a MWDHM Board Member, please refrain from making public statements on behalf of the MWDHM. This prohibition includes making statements that might appear to align the MWDHM with a particular political party or candidate for political office; that could appear to be critical of the MWDHM, a particular MWDHM Board Member or Volunteer, or a MWDHM Donor or Sponsor; or that could appear to be discriminatory or harassing.

The MWDHM expects volunteers to participate fully in activities to which they have committed. If you encounter any obstacles or need assistance, please ask for assistance or guidance from a MWDHM Board Member or your Committee Chairperson.

Volunteers at MWDHM events must have a signed MWDHM Code of Ethics and Conduct on file.