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Current Issue

The museum team invites you to the June issue of Paw Print, which celebrates the United States Army’s 249th birthday. We are featuring Army-focused K9 photos and articles from WWII and Vietnam, along with a fantastic Banner and Patch from the 33rd IPSD. Please come in, sit down, and enjoy a short read.

June 2024

The museum team invites you to the June issue of Paw Print, which celebrates the United States Army’s 249th birthday. We are featuring Army-focused K9 photos and articles from WWII and Vietnam, along with a fantastic Banner and Patch from the 33rd IPSD. Please come in, sit down, and enjoy a short read.

May 2024

The May 2024 Paw Print Newsletter is here! We are incredibly excited to share the history of the military working dog program from its inception to today, highlighting heroic actions, heartwarming stories, brutal realities, and stories to make you laugh. We are dedicated to sharing this rich history with the world. We appreciate your support!

April 2024

We invite you to sit back and enjoy our April Paw Print issue, which is filled with stories and photos of dogs and their handlers doing their thing.We learn about the Bite and Hold, how the dogs are used during emergencies, like the simulated prisoner escape, and how partner members work together to ensure emergency care is available for injured MWDs.Join us for the first in a suite of articles written by Greg Dunlap, a new volunteer with a talent for bringing you into his K9 world. Dive in to our April issue.

March 2024

Join us this month for the March newsletter celebrating K9 Veterans Day 2024. We introduce a swell Marine dog named Liney and ride along for an eye-opening patrol at Korat. Of course, we invite you to enjoy two different articles written by one of our talented team – Curtis Hendel.

February 2024

This month, we ask you to join us as we time-travel back to the World War II era for three articles. We check on the Marine dogs on Iwo Jima, revisit some of the foundational folks of military K9 training, and deep dive into original sketches for some of the handler barracks at Fort Robinson, Nebraska. The newsletter team invites you to read these and other articles in our February issue.

January 2024 newsletter

January 2024

Our Museum Team invites you to join us as we begin our fourth year of sharing our award-winning newsletter. The stories in January feature a Marine Specialized Search Dog team, a peek back at the importance of Monkey Mountain in Vietnam, and an in-depth look at the love and devotion of an Air Force handler for his favorite dog as we embark on a three-part article penned by Curtis Hendel.

December 2023

The newsletter team presents the last newsletter of 2023, which features many great articles, such as the story of Nemo and Robert Throneberg, a dedication and re-dedication of two K9 monuments, and a terrific story about a WWII dog who went AWOL. Check out the December 2023 issue for these and other great stories. Be sure to subscribe for your own copy to be delivered to your email box each month.

November 2023 Newsletter

November 2023

Join us as we celebrate the Marine Corps birthday with stories of three different generations of USMC dog handlers. We’re sure you’ll enjoy some of the history that you find inside this issue. And, while you’re here, check out the story Gourmet Sandwich – it’s probably one at which every handler who’s ever walked the perimeter will chuckle. On behalf of the newsletter team, thank you for stopping by.

October 2023

The newsletter team continues honoring our military branches with an October issue highlighting and celebrating Navy handlers. This month, we’ve got some great stories from Korat, Thailand; WWII Coast Guard handlers; and a great article about rehabilitating WWII dogs to be returned to their families. And, of course, what would our October newsletter be without an article that investigates a haunting? This year, we visit an old CIA building in Okinawa. C’mon in and have a look.

September 2023 newsletter

September 2023

The museum’s newsletter team is delighted to bring you the September issue, honoring the Air Force K9 teams. We hit AF history heavy with the first of a two-part series on serving on the Korat perimeter in Thailand; check out the creepy crawlies at the vet clinic. We’ll stop by a stateside kennel for a quick healthcare visit and feature announcements and information about the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Military Working Dog Teams National Monument. We have other articles, too, so come on and check out the September Paw Print issue.

August 2023 Newsletter

August 2023

The Museum newsletter staff honors the month of the Coast Guard’s birthday in our August issue. In addition to the Coast Guard articles, we feature a recap of the 25th Anniversary Rededication of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine’s K9 Memorial. The rededication event featured our President, Albert Johnson, and his wife, Dr. Kate Stanford. Spend some time in the month of August learning the Coast Guard K9 history! It’s captivating!

July 2023 Newsletter

July 2023

The newsletter team took a number of journeys in July: this issue takes you to Washington, D.C. with our young Minnesota student, Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, and the Brushy Mountains of Western North Carolina. It takes you back in time to the last vet tech assigned in Vietnam and looks forward to our event at the University of Tennessee. Won’t you join us?

June 2023 Newsletter

June 2023

Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking of its military experience? This month as we celebrate the US Army’s 248th Birthday, Vietnam Army Scout Dog Bubba 4A82 shares his experience, if he could talk. Also, two of our board members Army Coordinator, Johnny Mayo, and Navy Coordinator, Al Dodds, post military services to the K-9 story are covered. Finally, 1980s Air Force pipeline handler, Curtis Hendel, shares his first week experience in Patrol Dog School.  

May 2023 newsletter

May 2023

Our May issue pays tribute to those handlers and dogs who gave their last full measure of devotion to our nation. We learn the story of Duke 645F, the first dog mortally wounded in Vietnam. Also, we learn about the Unbreakable Bond memorial that lists all 4,022 dogs that served in Vietnam and Thailand during the Southeast Asian war and 127 K-9 personnel lost in that conflict. Our President, Albert Johnson reports on the Marine K-9 Reunion in Washington, D.C. Also, a lighthearted look at one handler’s transition to a “companion breed.” We hope you enjoy these stories and photographs as we expand on the history of the Military Working Dog history and heritage.

april 2023 newsletter

April 2023

Our April newsletter takes us to Colorado’s Front Range and the United States Air Force Academy as we learn about dogs, handlers, and the creation of one of the newest Air Force kennels. This month, one of our volunteers attends the ribbon-cutting for the newest K9 Memorial at Coast Guard Island – Alameda, California. We’ve packed this issue with great articles and inspiring photos and invite you to take a look inside.

march 2023 newsletter

March 2023

Our newsletter team proudly presents our March 2023 issue of The Paw Print. Inside this issue, you’ll find news articles on K9 teams in Vietnam, the clever work of Curtis Hendel as he explains the antics of his K9 Thor in Korea, and witness an especially hapless Airman in Thailand who met David Adams and his K9 Partner, Blackie. To start the month of March, however, we pay homage to K9 Veterans Day with a magnificent article on the socialite trailblazer who championed the Dogs For Defense, Alene Erlanger. Step inside this issue and enjoy!

February newsletter

February 2023

Military Working Dog Heritage Museum invites everyone to enjoy our fantastic February newsletter. The newsletter team filled this issue with history and heritage. We have a great article on the Tet Offensive and the K9 response. The dynamic writer, Michael Lemish, shares two articles with us – a Jesse Mendez remembrance and the history of Mercy Dogs in World War I. We end this issue on a humorous note with a story of a laid-back K9 who unexpectedly became anything but free and easy! Download the February issue and enjoy!

the paw print newsletter - January 2023

January 2023

Join us for our third year of sharing fantastic stories, elegant histories, and inspiring photos. In our first issue of 2023, we bring you the first salvos of the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War. Stepping back through time a bit further, a guest author gives a first-hand account of what life was like on a SAC base for dog handlers during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Enjoy the other great articles in this issue, but don’t miss The Pit and the Poop, which outlines a different side of the dangerous job of handling MWDs.

the paw print newsletter - December 2022

December 2022

The December newsletter rounds out our second year of presenting K9 histories and stories to inspire, educate, and entertain. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the newsletters this year as much as the Newsletter Staff has in writing them.This issue honors the United States Space Force and discusses Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training. We’ve pulled something out of the archives on one of the 47th IPSD K9s, Sarge X052. And our talented writer, David Adams, remembers a Bob Hope Christmas while deployed in Thailand.Our holiday gift to you is the fabulous interview of James Terry Strickland. You can find the link to that interview on page 5. We know you’ll enjoy Terry’s stories.Happy holidays and Enjoy! From the Newsletter Team

the paw print newsletter - November 2022

November 2022

Our November issue is slam-packed full of Marine Corps history – from Messenger Dog Caesar at the Battle of Bougainville to a GWOT handler at Camp Pendleton. Join us at one of our events at the Howard County All Veterans Reunion and venture back to Vietnam in a couple of other stories. Be sure to stop by and request your free subscription, if you aren’t getting The Paw Print sent to you directly. Thanks for your time, we hope you enjoy the November issue.

the paw print newsletter - October 2022

October 2022

Meet some amazing Navy K9s in our October newsletter. In addition, we’re celebrating the Navy’s birthday with some memorable photos and stories.This issue also features an article by celebrated author Michael Lemish. Check out the articles about Lobo and Lucca, too. And, if that wasn’t enough, we feature an article about adopting a retired working dog.Stop by and visit for a while.

the paw print newsletter - September 2022

September 2022

Military Working Dog Heritage Museum stands on the shoulders of dedicated, visionary dog handlers who came before us. Our goal is to gather their stories and share them with the world. One of these great men, David Broeker, took center stage in our September issue, and we could not be prouder. We hope you learn about David’s passion and history in our two-page article. Another article from Dr. Richard Vargas discusses exciting new opportunities for using Army Military Working Dogs. And Tom Lucha shares the inspirational story of one very dedicated veterinarian at Korat RTAFB during Vietnam. Please enjoy this issue and think about sharing your history with the museum. We’d love to talk with you, send us an email:

the paw print newsletter - August 2022

August 2022

Our Coast Guard-themed August issue gives a history of the critically important and long blue line’s history of USCG K9. In addition, guest author, Michael Lemish, shares a story of Army dog teams serving in Korea. Other great articles complete this August issue. Don’t miss it!

the paw print newsletter - july 2022

July 2022

Our team crammed the July issue full of a variety of stories: K9 transport, working dogs at Wheelus AFB in Libya, the Wounded Warrior Dog Project, and tons more. Come and see what all the fuss is about!

the paw print newsletter - june 2022

June 2022

Join us in this month’s issue for a recap of the tremendously successful Fort Benning weekend, with stories and photos of many of the event’s activities. In addition, we get a couple of different tales of time patrolling the perimeters in Southeast Asia from Michael Hurder and David Adams. And, so much more.

the paw print newsletter - may 2022

May 2022

Our May 2022 newsletter takes you on a trip to visit the twin masterpieces, the War Dog Memorials at Fort Benning and March AFB. A dog handler explains why these monuments are so important.Other articles take us to an event in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, into the history of a special photo, and take us back in time to the Navy’s Marble Mountain Transmitter during the Vietnam Era.Join us on Memorial Day as we create our 2nd Memorial Day Reading of K9 Handlers’ Names.

the paw print newsletter - april 2022

April 2022

We present the April 2022 issue of The Paw Print. This issue includes a short profile on Korean War Dog handler Carl Jacob Claus and some personal recollections from two favorite staff writers, Curtis Hendel and Michael Hurder. David Adams pens the most emotional piece as he shares the truly tragic history of what happened to the dogs in Southeast Asia as the Vietnam War wound down.

the paw print newsletter - march 2022

March 2022

The March Paw Print Newsletter is here!  This edition is dedicated to two important subjects – March brings us both K9 Veterans Day and Women’s History Month. Join us on our search for the very first female K9 handler and celebrate our K9 Veterans with us.

the paw print newsletter - february 2022

February 2022

Our February issue allows a peek at what Scout Dog training was like at Fort Benning during the Vietnam era. Johnny Mayo’s War Dog Wall is featured. (Don’t miss it at our Fort Benning event.) And Curtis Hendel reminds us of the strong and unique K9 bonds that cross over the branches of service. Join our newsletter distribution list by adding your name to our subscribers at the bottom of our home page. We’d welcome you join our MWDHM Community.

the paw print newsletter - january 2022

January 2022

Our January issue gives an overview of our incredible 2021. We’ve included information about the museum and our upcoming Fort Benning event. Additionally, Dr. Thomas shares the second half of his article about managing pain in K9s. Next, we dive into history with a stunning letter crafted by a Front Royal K9 handler during WWII and we recognize the bond of the K9 field, regardless of the Branch of Service. Finally, we wrap up this year with an overview of the newsletter staff’s favorite photos and articles from 2021. Enjoy!

the paw print newsletter - november 2021

December 2021

Featuring a story about The Sultan of Peterson, The Substitute, Pain Management in Retired MWDs, The Greatest Christmas Gift, and more!

the paw print newsletter - november 2021

November 2021

Featuring a celebration of the 246th birthday of the USMC, a story about the Messenger Dog Tubby, a spotlight on Volunteer Curtis Hendel, a story about an angry den of porcupines, and more!

the paw print newsletter - october 2021

October 2021

We celebrate the birthday of the United States Navy. Featuring photos from the Michigan War Dog Memorial, a story about the Legend of Zeke's bunker, and even a poem!

the paw print newsletter - september 2021

September 2021

Featuring an important message from our president, a story about John Dean, Gabriel B217, and Tub Time, and Korat Photos from the David Adams Collection.

the paw print newsletter - august 2021

August 2021

Featuring stories of Coast Guard K-9 teams and their history, honoring the passing of handler Eric-John Niss de Jesus, coverage on the graveside service for war dog Lucca, a touching story from Michael Hurder to his K-9 partner., a look at our recent trip to the combat tracker reunion in Lexington Kentucky , and more but not to forget a visit to a beautiful MWD team monument in Wisconsin. Will our pet duo finally agree on a rating scale? Tune in and find out.

the paw print newsletter - july 2021

July 2021

Featuring stories of brave handlers, a look at the Jungle Warfare Training School, World War I mercy dogs, A sneaky story, outside the box training, our first fundraiser, and more but not to forget a visit to a beautiful K9/Handler monument in New York. Will our own chronically unimpressed cat finally approve of a dog monument? Tune in and find out.

the paw print newsletter - june 2021

June 2021

We celebrate the birthday of the United States Army. Featuring stories of brave handlers, a story of a Gold Star Father, an ode to fathers through interviews with their children, and a visit to another beautiful K9/Handler monument. Will our cat cohort finally approve of a dog monument? Tune in and find out.

the paw print newsletter - may 2021

May 2021

Featuring stories of brave handlers, we honor our fallen, story of a Gold Star Mother, an ode to mothers with interviews with their children, and a visit to another beautiful K9/Handler monument. Will our cat cohort finally approve of a dog monument? Tune in and find out.

the paw print newsletter - april 2021

April 2021

Featuring portraits of heroes, a story about Joe White in Vietnam, a story about Dogs for Defense, and a visit to another beautiful K9/Handler monument. Will anything please our ornery cat sidekick? Join us and find out.

the paw print newsletter - march 2021

March 2021

Featuring a story about Seaman, Newfoundland Who Explored America, interviews with veterans, an article about the importance of rapport, and a Vietnam War Dog Memorial in Layton, Utah.

the paw print newsletter - february 2021

February 2021

Featuring an article about the importance of remembering, a story about Chip, a mixed breed dog with grit, a story about Rocky’s bucket list, and a few articles about kennel care.

the paw print newsletter - january2021

January 2021

Featuring an article about the creation of the MWDHM, a portrait of Jessica Newton, an about MWD retirement and Robby’s law, a story about the last working dog at Ashley Kennels, and more.

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