We are champions of Military Working Dog heritage

Our team includes leading experts in America’s Military Working Dog history, including dog handlers, veterinarians, vet techs, representatives from every branch of service, and every generation that we can touch. We have “been there,” we have “done that.”

In addition, we’ve asked prominent Military Working Dog historians, supporters, and non-profit experts to join our team as we work together to discover, curate, preserve and exhibit world-class displays of America’s military working dog history and ensure that the legacy and heritage of America’s dog teams inspire future generations.

Preservation is our main goal!

We are committed to leading with integrity and operational excellence.

With a spirit of collaboration and a pledge of inclusiveness and compassion, we have accepted the task of creating a world-class museum that promises to honor our American military K9 family and tell its story in a respectful manner with an authentic voice.

Military Working Dog Heritage Museum preserves and honors the accomplishments, sacrifices, and commitment of the American Military Working Dog Community. As America’s MWD Museum, we are home to all military working dog handlers and their 4-legged partners, as well as the kennel support who ensure mission readiness, vet techs, and veterinarians: past, present and future.