Creation of Military Working Dog Heritage Museum Organization

Perry Money
Photo of Perry Money. Photo credit: Dixie Whitman

Military Working Dog Heritage Museum welcomes you to enjoy our new communication piece, The Paw Print.  With our inaugural issue, our organization pays tribute to Mr. Perry Money. 

Perry served as a Mine and Booby Trap Detection Dog Handler in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam war.  His family, partner Missy 7K37, the Vietnam Dog Handler community, and the Marine Corps were the stars by which he navigated his life.  Honorable, thoughtful, and genuine, Perry commanded respect because of his flawless leadership.  Perry balanced his profound intelligence and passion with facts and fairness. 

Each year Perry hosted a weekend celebration for dog handlers at his western North Carolina mountain cabin.  In 2018, the year following his death, his family continued the tradition, including an invitation to Albert Johnson, a former USMC dog handler, and his wife, Kate. As Albert lingered inside admiring the dog memorabilia, the extensive collection sparked an idea: a heritage museum. What we need is a museum to share our legacy.  We invite you to join the journey.