World Beard Day Fundraising Goal Achieved

You did it!  Thanks to everyone who donated towards our World Beard Day Fundraising goal.  We met our goal, and Albert kept up his end of the bargain.
With a tad of trepidation, President Albert sat motionless and without a mirror while his wife, Kate, sheared the beard.  What took eight years to grow took less than five minutes to remove, even stopping once or twice to unclog the clippers.
It takes a brave man to let his wife get close to his beard with a razor, so kudos to Albert and Kate for making this happen without bloodshed.

Thanks again to everyone who supported this fundraiser.  The museum is to tell YOUR K9 stories.  Please get behind the movement to build this museum and champion the men, women, and dogs whose histories should be forever remembered and honored.

Here are the photos: